Monday, June 13, 2011

Austin Texas - The Vegan Yacht

I was in Austin for Chaos in Tejas. My band was lucky enough to play. Unfortunately we had an early slot at 1215pm, and thats not enough time for a hungover piece of shit like myself to cram some food in his maw and shower the gross off himself from the night before. So after we played, Grandpa had to hunt down some food to fuel the rest of the days booze/music mayhem. I'd been told about The Vegan Yacht by someone online and when I saw vegan frito pie on their menu I thought, "Holy shit! I need to put that in me."

The walk there was rough in the miserable heat of Texas in June. It was also as swampy as John Goodman's balls must be...well, all the time. But the idea of Frito Pie stirred my soul...and my wiener. I was totally not disappointed.

The Vegan Yacht has an awesome menu. Look at all that good shit! I almost thought twice about getting the frito pie. Almost. My friend got the TLT (Tempeh Lettuce Tomato) and I had a bite and it was pretty great. I would get that next time. Along with an order of frito pie. I mean look at this shit! Blue Corn fritos? Where the fuck do you get that??? I'll tell you where. From the badass store, that's where. Squares not allowed. This mofo has diaya cheese on it...and look at those giant ass slices of avocado. Fuck.

So I pounded this bad boy along with a smoothie. If it wasn't so balls hot out I might have considered ordering another one or a sandwich. But I needed to get my sweaty ass air conditioned. It was also a bonus that one of the dudes working at the yacht had caught my band play and said we rocked. Later on on the old facebook they posted that we had a free band meal next time we were in Austin. Fuck yeah. The vegan yacht loves hardcore. Go there if you're in Austin.


  1. all that and xgfx, too. heck yes. to bad it's in austin. :-(


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